small business ownersAs hard money lenders, we may be able to finance a loan turned down by conventional banks. Our flexible lending terms help real estate builders, developers and individuals in need of short-term bridge loans or cash out from real property.

If you own real estate with a 50 – 65% LTV (loan to value) ratio andneed private money for whatever reason, please call us today.

  • Loans: Short term bridge loans,construction loans and long-term loans
  • Interest Rate: 11% – 15%
  • Loan Fees: Call for Quote/Varies per Loan
  • Loan-To-Value Required: 50-65%
  • Real Property Only (No personal property)
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • Flexible Lending Guidelines
  • Quick Funding
  • Easy Application and Processing
  • If you are interested in a conventional loan, we recommend Mortgage Money Source at 1-800-63-money or 425-77-MONEY


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