• Real Estate Fix and Flip 101

    Here is a great overview on Real Estate Flipping from
    When most people think of real estate flipping they think of the classic fixer-upper home. You know, something that just needs paint and carpet and then can be sold for a $30,000 profit. Those exist here and there, of course, but there are a lot of investors looking for them.
    If you want to avoid the competition, there are other types of real estate that can be turned for a profit. Here are three examples.

    Raw Land Real Esta…

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  • Welcome to Westar Funding Inc

    Today at Westar Funding, we are focusing on our main loan service programs. Hard money, Commercial Loans and SBA Loans.
    Who is Westar Funding?
    Westar Funding Inc. has two decades of presence in the private money lending industry. We specialize in Private Money loans up to $1.5 Million and up to $7.5 Million through other programs. Loan scenarios include investment property, SFR, rehab, mobile/land and more.
    We give solutions that a bank or traditional lender cannot produce, and that’s the bottom line; we deliver in ways other lenders …

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  • Commercial Loans – Which one is right for you?

    At Westar Funding we have the ability to provide you with each type of loan, from conforming to SBA and also Hard Money. It is important that you learn about these three options and discover which loan program works for you.
    Commercial Conforming
    Conforming loans are available in all states and require 650 FICO minimum score, the Max LTV depends on the property type, Multi-use and Special Use. Multi-Use Max LTV is 65%, while Special-Use Max LTV is 60%.


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